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September 3rd 2013
A little back story. I went to see one of my favourite bands, Radio Moscow play last year and was blown away by the psychedelic light show. I thought how cool it would be to capture it as a video for my song "The Man in the Moon Looks Scared" especially due to the story behind that song. I got in touch with the man responsible - Mad Alchemy who lives in California and he agreed to do a collab. I passed him the song and basically said "Do your thing" and he has blown my mind once again. Huge thanks to Mr. Alchemy and Gregory Haynes for editing the video. If you like to partake in "substances" now is a good time to do so ;-) ... sit back and enjoy and please feel free to SHARE as much as you like. If we can get enough people to see these visuals we may alter the collective consciouness of the whole planet and save the world!!! (Watch in HD for best results!)


August 27th 2013
Just back from the Maré de Agosto festival on Santa Maria in the Azores Islands. Amazing festival, great people and fantastic vibe. Huge thanks to everyone involved and everyone who came to see me play. Check out the photo below (thanks to Tania Bairos) and click on it to see it bigger. Hope to be back soon. :)
November 21st 2013
Writing new songs and recording home demos for my own purposes and this one came out quite nice, so I thought I'd share it with you all. Thanks for the support and see you on the road in 2014 :) (New album sometime next year.)
February 9th 2014
From the 14th of this month until the 23rd of March I will be on tour around parts of Europe. Very much looking forward to trying out the new set of songs and seeing some of you on the road. Play this 1 minute VIDEO to see the tour dates or go to the SHOWS section here on my website. :)
August 22nd 2013
What better day to post than on my birthday. LOL. Thanks for all the kind messages etc. I'll be headed to the Azores to play the Mare De Agosto festival on Sunday. Shows are starting to come in for early next year and my plan is to have a whole new set of songs to try out on you all before hitting the studio again next year. Also this very nice review of the album came in from New Folk Sounds in Holland - "David Philips is and remains one of the most interesting singer / songwriters of the moment." You ca red ghe full review HERE  :)

20th May 2013
Spring Song 2013!!!
I play mainly acoustic these days, but deep down I'm a rocker like most guitar players. So while in the studio, supposedly doing some work, I ended up playing around for a few hours with a new electric guitar and a new studio mic. The result was this new, rocked out version of Spring Song, a song from my first album. Press play on the player below and have a listen and if you want a free download click HERE
Hope you like it :)

May 13th 2013
I was invited by friends at El Patio Studio, Barcelona, to try some vintage microphones. After choosing my favourites a song was sung to rejoice the beauty of cool, old gear and it was captured on film. Here is the result. Hoorah!! (Big thanks to Gorka and Abel for maiking this happen.)
25th March 2014
Back home after 38 days on the road around Europe. 30 shows and 3 radio sessions. Huge thanks to everyone involved, you know who you are and I appreciate I very much :) I will be at the Leibnitzer Blues Festial in Austria on April 10th and then back around Holland, Belgium and Switzerland in Oct/Nov this year.
Here's a video from the Live Uit Lloyd radio session , a new song that will be on my next record.

11th January 2015
All music and artwork has been sent off to the record label for the new album. A single will be released in Feb and the full album will come out in March. I won't be able to update this website for a while so please keep an eye on my FACEBOOK, TWITTER or join my MAILING LIST for updates for the next month. Thanks for the support. I'm very excited about this new record. :)

8th December 2014
The new record went off for mastering this weekend. Release date is set for mid to late Feb 2015 and the album title is "If I Had Wings." I'm very happy with this album, it is pretty much everything I wanted to do this time regarding production and I feel the songs are pretty strong after playing them live them for the past year.
Also the tour of Holland and Belgium went very well and I have stuff booked in for next Spring already. You can check out the shows that are already booked in the SHOWS section. If you're interested in booking or a house concert shoot me a mail.
Here is a video from the last tour - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93aXzHi_Uc0
Thanks to Theo Looijmans for filming.
Hope to see some of you on the road soon. Cheers DP

10th October 2014
Long time no update. Still working hard on the new album. Release is set for early 2015. I will be on the road around Holland and Belgium from 25h October to 9th November. Come check out a show if you are around there. All shows listed in my "Shows" section here on the website. :)

29th June 2014
 - For the past month or so I've been working hard on my 4th album. I'm taking my time with this one and really letting things flow, paying a lot of attention to detail. I'm extremely excited about how it's turning out and can't wait to share it ith you all.

 - In my spare time I've been working on my illustrations and hope to have some artwork to accompany the new album when it comes out. If you'd like to keep up with this stuff I tend to post mainly on Instagram and you can find me there @davidphilipsmusic

 - Last week I was sent this NEW VIDEO from a show I did in March at Music Star in Norderstedt, Germany. I just got through recording this song for the new album too. Big thanks to Wolfgang and Andrea at Music Star for having me and editing the vid. Great people and a great venue. Click the link to watch. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMgLMmyApf0