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New Album - If I Had Wings - out NOW!

Folk, rock, jazz, electronica and psychedelia all converge on David Philips' 4th album "If I Had Wings."

"This is the album I always wanted to make but never dared to" says Philips who wrote, recorded and produced the record himself. Sticking to his favoured "D.I.Y." approach Philips also sang all vocals and played all instruments on the album, except for drums and saxophone on the record's epic, 12 minute psych-folk freak out "Venomous Soul." He also did the artwork for the release using paintings, drawings and sketches made whilst on tour and at home throughout 2014.

Philips' soulful vocals and highly accomplished guitar playing are the backbone of what is his most adventurous recording to date. "If I Had Wings" is the result of 18 months of writing, recording and live shows and takes us on a journey through past and present, blending folk finger picking, jazz influenced guitar solos, glitch electronica and found sounds (even a few kitchen utensils as percussion) to create a varied audio landscape. At times stripped down and rootsy and at other times expansive and dreamy, yet all tied together by Philips' carefully crafted songs and stories.

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Press for If I Had Wings

Folk Radio UK:  "Philip's lovely voice is caught somewhere between Jack Johnson and a fluffy white cloud and his guitar work is nothing less than sublime."

Blues Doodles (US): "..purely exquisite music, beautiful lyrics that touches emotions on so many levels... TEN doodle paws out of TEN …."

Marcel Haerkens (Holland): "Beautiful record. Philips is becoming more versatile."

SoulGuru (Germany): "A very nice album. David Philips soulful vocals and excellent guitar playing live on."

Something Else Reviews (USA): "Philips pulls the curtain back some on his vast abilities, revealing a man who's comfortable around jazz, psychedelia …… even electronica."

Massimo Ferro / Highway 61 (Italy): "A mature and complete singer-songwriter with his own style"

Mike Penard (France): "What a pleasure...what a sound ..the arrangements are really superb."

Ronald van Oudheusden / RTV Rijnmond (NL): "A new stunner ... what amazing abilities!!"

Bishop Fm (UK): "This isn't blues, but it is a fantastic album - deserves to be very successful as David is better than any of the popular singer songwriters who get on TV, and sell loads of albums."

Blues In The North West (UK): "If you like good, meaningful music anyway, you'll go for this. Beautifully recorded too."

Bluestime (NL): "I will play it in my radioshow and pay extra attention to this album! It's is so pure."